Installing BuildCraft


WARNING: Use this information at your own risk!

Pre-installation checks:

Make sure you have Minecraft version 1.8.1.  If you are not sure, open Minecraft, log in and once it has loaded the menu, look at the bottom left.  It should say “Minecraft Beta 1.8.1” then close Minecraft.

Make sure Minecraft is not running on your computer.

BuildCraft installation:

Download the following files:

  1. ModLoader for Minecraft 1.8.1
  2. ModLoader MP (SDK’s Unofficial Modloader MP) 1.8.1

Put the contents of ModLoader and Modloader MP in to your minecraft.jar which is located in your .minecraft/bin folder.  Use Google if you don’t know how to do this.  Make sure you delete the META-INF folder in minecraft.jar or Minecraft will just give you black and not load!

Create a mods folder in your .minecraft folder and put all the BuildCraft zip files in there.

If you have done everything correctly, you will be able to launch Minecraft and Join our server!






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