Installing Industrial-Craft2 v1.9.0


WARNING: Use this information at your own risk!

How to Install

Get Minecraft v1.2.4:
Update your minecraft to the latest version and then…

For Windows Users:
– Download and install Minecraft Version Changer:
– Open Version Changer, click “sync” and then select “Minecraft 1.2.4” on the left and click “Change”

For Mac / Linux Users:
– Download MCNostalgia:
– Run the MCNostalgia python script and follow the instructions

Download Needed Files:
– Magic Launcher v0.9.7
— Windows version:
— Mac / Linux version:
– ModLoader1.2.4
– ModLoaderMP 1.2.4 v1 client
– Minecraft Forge client v2.0.0.67
– IndustrialCraft2 v1.9.0
– ComputerCraft v1.32

Put the industrialcraft-2-client_v1.90.jar into your “mods” folder located in .minecraft

Unzip ComputerCraft into your “mods” folder located in .minecraft

Open Magic Launcher
Click on Setup (at the right near the bottom)
Click Add
Add the mod zip files in the following order:
– ModLoader
– ModLoaderMP
– MineCraft Forge client
Under External Mods, industrialcraft-2-client_1.90.jar should be listed.  If not, make sure it is in the “mods” folder located under .minecraft
Click OK

Now, just log in and join

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