Installing Tekkit


Client Setup Intructions:

Download the Technic Launcher here.

Run the Technic Launcher.

Select Tekkit from the dropdown, log in.

Let it download.

You are now ready to play Tekkit

Fix for Blank Window in Linux after Login

If you are in Linux and all it gives you is a blank window after logging in, try updating the LWJGL libraries with the following script:

Just download and run the script.

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  1. I have Tekkit but i can’t get it to update, i am 8 versions behind. i have tried deleting it from my computer and re-installing it, but i doesnt update. I dont get any notices that there is an update till i log in to my world, then there is a message in the chat bar saying I am 8 verisons late. Any ideas on what im doing wrong?

    • I believe that message is normal, coming from one of the plugins that Tekkit includes, not Tekkit itself. Maybe post a screenshot with more details if you still need help? Good luck!

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